Good work!

Thank you for having me!

It’s a lot better when you’re Bo.

Th-Thank you very much.

We had a flood of messages telling us how great the Bo from the first episode was.

Thank you.

We’ll be heading off, then!

Thank you for your hard work!

Ignoring me as usual, huh?

Guess I can’t blame him.

I’ll become such a big hit that the producer won’t be able to ignore me.

After all, tomorrow is another opportunity to grab the chance to step out into the sunlight.

Her Open Wound

It’s already past nine.

I need to hurry home and prepare for tomorrow… Далее…

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Man, you’re cool, Fuwa.

Shotaro Fuwa

Almost let my real name get out there…

But whoever it is knows my real name when my own agency doesn’t…

Who the heck is it?

The True Face of the Storm

Then we’ll move onto the next question!

I heard a rumor that…

Another one?!

…Fuwa was on the badminton team in middle school.

Like hell I was!

Hell, I hate that retarded sport where you hit the shuttlecock as hard as you can and it barely moves!

Who is it?

Who’s specifically going after my secret weak points…

Sho was on the badminton team.

That’s a surprise. Далее…

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Whinerella! Hey! Where are you rushing off by yourself?

Shut up. Don’t talk to me.

I had confidence that if I said the lines in the script,

she’d respond with the lines in the script, too.

Because, what first comes to your mind when you’re in a bind

are the words you’re used to hearing, right?

I’ve been taking her too lightly, I thought she was just a homely girl.


The Blue in Her Palm

Head home, Maria.

He’s right. Isn’t it about the time your dad usually emails you?

Umm, Big Sis…

Big Sis?!

Umm, I want to ask you something. Далее…

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Act it out,

with the big sister hating the heroine.

O-Of course I can’t do that!

I’ve never acted in a play in my life!

The Miraculous Language of Angels

M-Maria, I understand your concern,

but everyone has to pass a test to get into this acting school.

I thought I’d make this her test and kill two birds with one stone.

Kill two birds with one stone?!

The skill test to enter this school is much easier!

Giving a beginner who wants to learn the basics such a difficult task…

There’s no way she can pull it off!

Yes, right.

I’m looking to see how far she can get. Далее…

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Your pompous little smiles…

They won’t last for long!

You two!

I will show you incredible mastery of the art of acting!



Everyone will kowtow before my amazing acting skills!

And when that glorious day comes!

I will make a fool of you with my acting!

And I will completely crush your pride and dreams!

And the two of you shall roll around in my hand!

Oh, what fun toys!

I will do it!

Beat Ren Tsuruga! Kill Shotaro!

Sink or Swim Together

Ms. Mogami really managed to change Ruriko Matsunai’s ways?

And in just one day’s time? Далее…

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So, even within the world of show business,

I’ll make you walk where no light will shine upon you.

What are you saying?

You mean I’ll be in your shadow? In showbiz?

What’re you, an idiot?

Save that line for after you’ve stolen this job from me and debuted.

Wh-Why does she look so confident?

Princess Resurrection

Since the sun has moved, put the lights over here.

On it!

My goodness.

Hats off to your guts.

But if you’re going to act in that pose, victory is out of the question.

I’ll sit up straight once he yells action!

I can’t force her much. Далее…

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Oh, that looks great.

Ruriko, you have very pale skin, so that kimono’s color is perfect for you.


where’s Tsuruga?

Come on! I said put me down! I’m fine!

You’re not fine. You can only move like a turtle.

Do you get off on complaining about people being nice to you?

I cannot in good faith accept your kindness.

There’s got to be a reason behind your kindness!

Look here…

Did you hear that? Even Ren annoys women.

I don’t need your help!

I can take a hint.

Good day to you.

Did I… anger him?

Wait, why do I have a guilty conscience? Далее…

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The Love Me section.

You will be joining it from today on.

Be it physically or mentally, it will not be an easy job.

But, if you do not develop your ability to respect and think of others,

you will never debut within our firm.

You have the confidence to take on the job of getting others to love you, don’t you?

No, not at all.

You fool! In situations like these, just lie and say yes!

But I used to be that sort of person.

For Sho… For Sho…

As long Sho’s dreams get to come true,

I don’t mind taking a backseat!

I didn’t care about myself one bit.

I was the world’s stupidest girl. Далее…

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Skip Beat 04 Track 3Welcome!

It’s been two days since I failed the LME audition.

I’m glad I was able to find a day job so quickly.


The Labyrinth of Reunion

Shall I clean your ashtrays?

How about the windows?

So you’re quitting?

I thought you had more guts than that.


I lost something that can’t be regained with guts alone.

Oh, Ms. Mogami!

I’m sorry, do you think you could pick up lunch for me, too?

A tuna sandwich.

No problem.

Would you like a drink to go with that?

No, but thanks for asking.


It hurts, but… Далее…

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Skip Beat 03 Track 3Wh-What the hell is that?!

The Emotion She Lacks

Would ya look at that?

What is that?

A daikon radish?

This is nuts.


How can she act like such a housewife!

Is she going to imitate a vegetable stand lady?

She’d be better off imitating Sho Fuwa.

Why this of all things?!

Stay calm, stay calm.

I haven’t done this technique in a while.

If I’m nervous,

I might fail.

That’s right.

This is Taisho’s knife.

There’s no way I’ll fail!

Number 61, Kyoko Mogami.

I will make a rose out of a daikon radish. Далее…

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